xBuilders - Elrond Tech 02/10/2022
  Elrond Tech 02/10/2022
Published by Olag | the 10/02/2022  |  Category: Elrond Tech

The practical viability and utility of blockchain networks are important topics to think about.
The benefits and effects of leveraging a fully sharded architecture go far beyond performance enhancements.

Proper reset of warm instances: finalization and tests. We have been experimenting with them for a while for read-only SC queries and now they are ready for full use. Warm instances will bring the biggest SC execution optimization.
The NFT service now supports interpreting marshalized NFTs in smart contract results. Worked on indexing bulk buy on auctions and added sorting by likes, follows, and stats for the explore page, among other improvements & bugfixes.
Multi-Factor Authentication: added user signature verification, new API route and service specifications for account guardian. Fetcher for guardian info from protocol.

Other notable achievements:

- Refactored the state package. This resulted in a 3x improvement for API requests
- Started the implementation of a new node API endpoint that will return all the accounts whose state changed in a specified block
- Elrond VSCode extension setup
- Reviews on the new Maiar DEX SCs, tests & integrations in internal automatic deploy & testing framework
- Finished covalent proxy server integration with elrond proxy
- System test & scripts improvements
- Lots of unit tests for covalent proxy
- Elrond /releases: published 2 outcomes (erdjs v11.1.0, erdcpp v1.0.0)
- Fixed an edgecase that triggered the trie sync process for some nodes that were not actually missing from storage
- API Status Checker
- DEX service analytics timescale migration
- Sync deterministic erdnest build in order to integrate it to the existing /validate build endpoint
- Wasmer 2.2 integration: contract validation, execution endpoint, imports integration
- Inspire ART testing
- Reviews on portfolio & KYC service
- Removed elrond-go dependency from the elrond-go-proxy
- Started working on an improvement that will collect more statistics about the trie
- Finished aws kubernetes setup
- Portal API microservice setup on devnet
- Finished the p2p-separate-repo integration that brings more decoupling for the code base
- Upgraded kubernetes cluster version
- system-tests-js: scenarios for relayed transactions
- Graphql final tests
- Worked on a third variant for the trie syncer that will consume less memory
 - Fixed a configuration flag that disabled the deletion of the AccountsTrie database’ node
- Documentation updates
- Internal DEX treckers
- Minor fixes and improvements for the nil interface checks around the node codebase
- Continued development on the rust debugger pretty printers for elrond-wasm-rs
- Fixes and testing on the elastic indexer with web sockets
- DEX service data indexing
- BLS keys management submodule refactor in elrond node, to improve keys security
- Continued working on ESDT integration in Rosetta. fixes & improvements (oldest block identifier, invalid transactions), configuration changes & re-validation.
- Data API bug fixing
- Elrond oracles 0.2.0 deployed on devnet
- Tested new scaling strategy using custom metrics
- Save genesis body also into storage, so that it will be available on node api with transactions
- Threshold signatures research
- Trie sync investigation & optimization analysis
- PoC for limited a stable coin model / formal specification
- Warm instances: finished implementation on wasmer; created integration tests scenarios on VM; refactor, cleanup and profiling
- Fixes on scr processor factor
- Further refactor and interface changes to prepare components for the new consensus model
- Changes in integration tests for consensus in order to properly handle multiple shards
- Specs for new NFT contracts for a special economic model
- Research on fully verified automatic bridges
- Smart contract processor refactor
- Continued work on multi-contract configuration
- Worked on DEX service farm module refactoring and integration of new farm

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