xBuilders - Elrond Tech 04/09/2022
  Elrond Tech 04/09/2022
Published by Olag | the 09/25/2022  |  Category: Elrond Tech

Months of synergic efforts have come to life with the Inspire launch.
Its modules are complementary pillars to the Elrond NFT landscape, set to increase the outreach and influx of resources for each community initiative.
This is only the starting point.

Laser focus on the Inspire launch due to its complexity involving multiple products and infrastructure components. NFT projects can now leverage Metaspaces to deploy their own  marketplace, with Inspire's key features and functionalities, directly into their websites.
The latest testnet upgrade helped us execute comprehensive testing scenarios on a set of features that are in the works for many months, which are intended to allow execution of partial miniblocks and reduce the bandwidth between nodes in several situations.
Research and consensus improvement proposal that could allow even more time for processing transactions and decrease the scheduled transactions time to finality.

Other notable achievements:
- Working on automatic generation for Rust interaction snippets
- Finished implementation of fallback observers mechanism for proxy
- Prepare elasticsearch v7 cluster
- NFT service bug fixes
- Further testing, validation, refactor and fixes on crawler tool and ESDT metadata remover
- Testnet release T1.3.37.0 and preparations for testnet release T1.3.38.0
- Started DEX service timescale integration using data-api
- Multiple fixes in heartbeat v2 subsystems
- Maiar Exchange auto router algorithm testing
- Refactor the integration of storage repository into elrond-go to move dependencies into a single package
- DB merger tool first binary & documentation
- Community farm SC testing
- Improvements on Internal DEX economics tracker
- Refactored getting signing transaction data by checking if withHash option is enabled; moved logic to core to avoid duplicated code
- Crawler testing and transactions grouping
- Improved mock contracts support for node / sc processor tests
- system-tests-js: burnForAll, transferRole; change delegation contract owner - scenarios and system tests
- Internal automatic DEX framework refactors
- Implemented /build endpoint for generic contract builds
- Inspire testing
- Continued work on consensus separation; handling delayed block broadcaster component
- Bughunt and bugfixes on heartbeat v2
- Final tests and fixes on newly added transactions pool API
- Data API improvements
- API GraphQL implementation
- Finished and merged the admin-only endpoints implementation for the pair smart contract on the feat/dex_v2 branch
- Fixes and tests for starting a node from a specific state
- Infrastructure providers tests
- Finished feat/refactor-peers-miniblocks
- Fixes for guardians data API on node and proxy
- Improvements on the erdgo cli to allow usage on devnet, testnet, mainnet
- Started the integration of heartbeat v2 subsystem with multikey feature
- System test partial miniblocks execution script
- Working on adding better support for visualizing managed types in the rust debugger
- Optimizations on the Rust Liquid Staking SC
- Worked on integrating ESDTs in Rosetta. Minor fixes on the existing EGLD implementation
- notifier-go client http check fixes
- Unit & system testing for the Rust Liquid Staking SC
- Documentation on how to support reproducible contract builds
- Set up a set of observers with historical lookup support
- New Go-Rust bridge for the wasmer executor in the VM

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