xBuilders - Elrond Tech 09/10/2022
  Elrond Tech 09/10/2022
Published by Olag | the 10/16/2022  |  Category: Elrond Tech

Blockchain technology is a recommitment to the founding principles of the internet.
New tools, and new incentives models enable a fresh wave of permissionless innovation fueled by resourceful builders and creatives.
It's time to build!

Started working on an improvement that will sync missing trie nodes when they are found and fixed the processor debugger component to prevent it from generating too much log information.
Added a Rest API endpoint that indicates if a token is stored inside the protocol under the old way, which is useful in terms of the ESDT mechanism upgrade. Fixed a bug where old databases of the nodes would have not been deleted.
Implemented state cleanup functionality for the metabonding contract to remove old data, thus reducing the state size of the contract. Improved caching values for data inside DEX service and made significant progress on MEX 2.0.

Other notable achievements:
- NFT Traits indexing (on devnet for now) and filtering (in progress)
- Finish the integration of a node Rest API endpoint that will return all the addresses that had balance changes at a given block nonce/hash
- DEX internal trackers
- Fixed a small bug on proxy which was causing GetAllObservers method to only return observers from one shard
- Unit tests on smart contract processor proxy
- Trie syncer v3 heavy testing and benchmarking
- System test scripts improvement
- Worked on the resource monitor status log prints to be able to save metrics at the node start
- Added metrics for trie snapshot status and last time duration
- Continued with new farm integration in dex service
- Inspire testing
- Bughunt on heartbeat v2 after mainnet activation, tweaked parameters
- Rosetta API - a series of quick fixes and improvements, plus a refactoring of the Construction API (in preparation for esdt support). Tested ESDT support for Data API
- System test
- Infrastructure and load testing for new kyc-service
- Testing, bugfixes and improvements on Elrond API
- Created a tool to read the global balance of a token from all addresses using AccountsTrie db
- Release new erdjava on Maven Central
- Finished refactor on farm module dex service
- Covalent: defined new avro model schema for hyperblock, refactored log processor, receipt processor and txs processor (work in progress)
- Bughunt on state snapshot after mainnet upgrade
- Data API bug fixing
- Bugfix for multiple snapshots after restart
- Refactored the guardian address handler on 2FA feature
- Reviewed SCProcessor v2 implementation and Elrond 2FA service for guardians proposal documents
- Observers lite downscale
- Added offer feature for the NFT Marketplace SC
- Deployed code for deterministic builds. Set ground layers for the new Elrond VS Code extension.
- Removed old heartbeat code which was now deactivated
- system-test-js: fees collector testing
- Bugfixes on NFT service
- implemented an user index handler needed for 2FA guardian address handler
- Extend current payments query with filter for collection on NFT service and auctions count
- Started integration of offers in NFT service
- Reindex data from DEX analytics
- Added more trie statistics during the snapshot process
- Working on refactoring get all leaves on channel for trie in order to handle errors in a separate channel
- Added me- KYC service improvements
- Process transactions using hyperblocks on testnet
- Adapting the old contract imports to the new Wasmer 2.2 execution environment
- Integrate new launchpad contract versionssage signature handler in erdjava
 - Warm instances wrap up
- Improvements on elrond-sdk-images (for reproducible builds), support for M1
- Development on the rust debugger scripts
- Refactoring of the VM execution environment
- Erdjs minor fixes
- Dedicated API workers for Elrond Play
- Heavy testing, investigations and fixes on failing unit tests
- Logging service version upgrade
- M1 reproducible builds setup and tests
- New microservice for Maiar API
- Research and tests for bulk memory ops and simd ops (not allowed)
- Fixes after reviews for SCR processor refactor
- Testing elastic indexer with web socket
- system-test-js: parallel tests setup
- Fixing of newly appeared ESDT metadata storage issues
- Engineering dashboard setup & demos
- Testing and fixes on the elastic indexer (fixed how log with EsdtWipe event is processed)
- Continued working on meta config for multi-contract

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