xBuilders - Elrond Tech 11/09/2022
  Elrond Tech 11/09/2022
Published by Olag | the 09/25/2022  |  Category: Elrond Tech

We choose to tackle fundamental limitations of global significance for decades to come, that will open more and more opportunities, with each new passing wave and cycle.
Final fine tuning on the Maiar DEX auto-router for re-enabling the smart swaps, after a series of internal testing rounds, involving community & partners. Further improvements on the DEX service analytics module.
We have finished the initial implementation of the Rust Liquid Staking SC. Pending activation of several features on mainnet, it will enable the tokenization of staking positions to be further used as collateral for additional trading & yield opportunities.

Other notable achievements:
- Finished the first part of a Staking Smart Contract tutorial
- Progress on DEX services timescale integration
- Fixes and testing on getting transaction data for signing refactoring
- Testnet release T1.3.40.0
- Heartbeat v2 fixes on metrics and API responses areas
- New portfolio microservice infrastructure setup
- Economics tracker for internal DEX deployer
- Contract reimport on wasm VM test & fixes
- Launchpad contract data exporter from historical state
- Continued work on consensus delay block broadcaster component extraction: unit testing updates
- Working on security enhancement with an improved hardfork mechanism
- DEX auto-router tests
- Crawler refactoring
- Heartbeat v2 metrics fixes
- Refactoring of contract execution interface in preparation for wasmer 2.2 integration
- GraphQL implementation
- New CLI flags on node (control snapshots, control watchdog)
- Automatic crawler tools reviews
- Continued working on improving the rust debugger experience when viewing types from the elrond-wasm-rs framework
- Storage adapter refactor and integration in elrond-go
- Multikey heartbeat v2 sender integration
- Refactoring on SCR processor
- Improved memory usage and speed (small refactor) for several tests on wasm VM
- system-tests-js: finished change owner scenarios
- Documentation improvements
- Data API refactoring
- Inspire ART testing
- Setup generic /compile endpoint in order to build wasm projects
- Run a testnet from an initial state refactor
- Hotfix on Rosetta regarding fees of some invalid transactions
- Setup observers with historical lookup
- Kubernetes setup in aws
- Refactored create-erd-app into erd-app for more general approach at what the tool is able to do
- System test
- Partial miniblocks execution testing script improvements
- Backlog groom
- Implemented multiple built in commands for dApp creation, build and deployment
- Research on automated security audit tools
- Release notes preparation
- erdjs scenarios setup for tests deployment

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