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  Elrond Tech 16/10/2022
Published by Olag | the 10/16/2022  |  Category: Elrond Tech

The promise of a new wave of innovation & productivity brought by blockchain tech is closer to reality.
Ecosystems are forming, adoption is accelerating, and value is being created.
W/ the first apps going mainstream, a sudden perception shift will emerge.

elrond-go v.1.3.44 has been released and the mainnet upgrade is in progress. It brings several important fixes to snapshots after restart, preferred peers loading and the old NFT liquidity, among other optimizations & improvements.
Updated specifications for the consensus & block proposal improvement based on scheduled transactions execution model, to more efficiently use the block gas space. This could allow more transactions to be added within a single block.
Fixed a race condition on the pruning storer implementation that might have raised concurrency issues whenever the node was shut down or switched shards and started.

Other notable achievements:
- Math demonstrations on the correctness of MEX 2.0 economics and technical implementations
- Ran the first smart contract using Wasmer 2.2 infrastructure
- Launchpad smart contract preparations
- Finding a way of writing trait-like behavior for smart contracts, allowing for greater code reusability
- Major VM refactoring: isolated the low-level SC executor from the higher level components
- Added specific errors search in system test scripts
- VM refactoring
- System test
- Covalent: epoch start info, shard blocks, hyper block, altered accounts processor and started general avro schema cleanup
- SCR processor fixes and new error handling refactor
- NFT Traits indexing & filtering
- Integrated smart contract build validation with transaction sign & transfer
- Internal DEX trackers: development and fixes
- Working on splitting the playground API & workers in order to be able to scale them independently.
-  Inspire testing
- Add bitcoin back-up node for Maiar app
- Better peers connections by registering to the 
 pubsub component and listening to new peers and figuring out to which shard the new peer belongs
- Elrond API testing & bugfixes
- Optimizations & audits on MEX 2.0
- API status checker (elastic)
- Test new k8s infrastructure provider
- Reviews on WASM VM, consensus and smart contract processor improvements
- Prepared & tested the upcoming release candidate v1.3.45
- Improved peers connections by upgrading the message that sends peer's shard to broadcast it to the entire network, not just to direct connections
- Fixed the heartbeat v2 monitor so the current running nodes are shown correctly on the REST API endpoint
- Started working on a new separate heartbeat v2 sender, in order to provide a clear overview on node's status on explorer while syncing
- Guardian service: send transaction, send multiple transactions, guardian keys generator + extra unit tests on other components
- Minor updates regarding tokens documentation
- Added a CLI flag for specifying if snapshots are enabled, instead of using the option from config file
- Refactoring and fixes on node's antiflood mechanism for web server operations
- Setup for a testnet from a specified state
- NFT Traits filtering on Elrond API level
- db-archive-scripts: new script for moving db epoch folders on different partitions
- Added a Rest API endpoint on the node that is able to return a bulk of addresses, given an array input
- Terraform/ansible play API workers setup
- Added new metrics in Data API
- Rosetta: construction API simplifications, tests
- Perform cross-validation between keybase pub and contract state for staking providers
- Working on integrating the rust debugger scripts in the elrond visual studio code extension
- Add support for svg media files for NFTs
- reproducible builds: debugging, improvements (on Docker images). Deprecate elrond-sdk-images in favor of elrond-sdk-images-build-contract-rust (code movement & redo versioning)
- Monitoring dashboards/alerts changes
- ESDT attributes supports more complex structures
- CLI flags for separate folders path for db and logs, apart from the default working directory
- Improve events indexing for marketplaces in NFT service
- erdjs-tokens: work in progress
- Updated proxy version based on build flags and exposed it to an API endpoint
- Small refactor to remove duplicate code for all DEX service modules
- Extended simple lock module to accept multiple contracts
- Tested new simple lock contract with whitelisted tokens
- system-tests-js: parallelization in running testing scenarios successfully tested on internal testnets
- Finalize specifications for a 2FA Guardian service provider that could to provide extra protection for users in the context of guarded transactions feature
- Continued refactor on farm module to accept multiple farm versions
- Continued working on multi contract configuration: tested with expanding EndpointLocationApi
- Extend payments filtering on NFT service
- System tests integration in internal testnet pipelines

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