xBuilders - Elrond Tech 18/09/2022
  Elrond Tech 18/09/2022
Published by Olag | the 09/25/2022  |  Category: Elrond Tech

The era of permissionless innovation is unfolding, with ever smaller barriers for iteration and experimentation.
With it, every block added brings new applications, compounding the utility, usage and value of the entire ecosystem.

Inspire entered a rapid iteration cycle, thanks to the invaluable feedback from the community. We have improved the indexing performance and integrated two new marketplaces adding 800+ collections and 7000+ live auctions that can now be accessed via our NFT hub.
Created a component for p2p message verification and added the possibility to sign direct send messages at the p2p level in order to keep the behavior consistency. It will be used in the consensus optimization feature.
Working on implementing a debugger plugin for LLDB to allow the programmer to view managed types when debugging tests which use the elrond-wasm-rs framework.

Other notable achievements:
- Development and testing on new Maiar Exchange features
- Last round of testing for the upcoming release candidate rc/2022-july version
- Devnet release D1.3.40.0
- Progress on DEX analytics timescale integration
- Continued working on aws kubernetes setup
- Integration work in consensus components for the upcoming multikey feature
- Updates to the community farms and the proxy deployer contracts
- SC processor refactor
- Added metrics for DB queries in NFT service
- QoWatt Metabonding setup
- Multi swap V2 live on mainnet
- crawler: unit tests; created tool to periodically send txs to delete metadata; successfully tested crawler on devnet to clean extra state on system account
- Improved caching for analytics aws timestream queries
- Finished integration of heartbeat v2 subsystem into the upcoming multikey feature
- Implemented generic /template/{id} for a given version and build/
- Improvements on Data API
- Deep history setup
- Damage controlled the existing solution for IDE extension in order to improve it
- Discussions & redesign of the Stablecoin SC, including its integration with Liquid Staking SC and Lending SC
- Continued working on monitoring / alerting
- Created ElrondNetwork/community
- Internal DEX fuzzing framework for testnets
- Refactoring and bringing up to date the separate elrond-go-storage repository and its integration into elrond-go
- Working on specifications for required changes to support light clients
- Bughunt invalid BLS keys
- Community farm Smart Contracts tests and refactors
- Preparations for mainnet release candidate
- Updates on specific algorithms of the Liquid Staking SC in order to have a more secure workflow
- system-tests-js framework ready for default scenarios on local testnets
- Further testing the running a testnet from an initial state
- Working on specifications for improved hard fork mechanism
- Testing and fixes on fallback observers feature on proxy
- Refactored integration tests for consensus, in order to easily create new ones
- Finished merge of the new VM features into v1.5
- NFT composability and extra on-chain attributes research and specifications
- Continued working on erd-app cli tool for dapp boilerplate generation
- Continued working on refactoring ansible playbooks
- Continued refactoring of the VM executor interface
- Design of a multi-contract build system
- Preliminary discussions on a future contract storage management system with improved safety
- Added request timeout for notifier http client and refactoring
- Reproducible builds
- Added documentation about how arguments should be encoded for smart contract calls
system account clean-up testing
- Mandos test updates vis mandos-fmt + general update in framework replacing txId with id
- Rosetta check:data analysis & optimisation
- Fixes on wasm-vm contract & test reimports
- Further implementation on multi contract configuration
- Improved technical analysis document for algorithmic and overcollateralized stablecoins
- Setup infrastructure for new kyc-service
- Bugfixes for trie and state components
- GraphQL API Query implementation
- Warm instances memory leak fixes, unit tests and profiling
- Worked on creating a mathematical model for proving the correctness of the stablecoin SC
- API testing
- Implemented ledger live feedback
- Testing of the newly integrated Inspire marketplaces
- Laying out concepts regarding backend for “playground 2.0”, developed as a visual studio code plugin
- Porfolio API review
- erdnest improvements

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