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  Elrond Tech 25/09/2022
Published by Olag | the 10/02/2022  |  Category: Elrond Tech

Blockchains are growing in adoption.
There is a systemic change being explored in several fields and taking place one step at a time. Elrond has been built to enable and scale that adoption.

Release v1.3.42 is now live on the Elrond mainnet and includes a global setting role to burning NFTs, trie sync improvements, partial miniblock execution, and several other improvements & optimizations.
Prepared an aggregated block signature verification improvement for the next release candidate, which will save ~100ms CPU time on every metablock and ~20ms for every shard block validation.
Started implementation of a new consensus mechanism with improved time for processing. It is an almost 2x improvement in processing time since scheduled SC execution was introduced and 4x since the initial and standard pBFT consensus.

Other notable achievements:
- Finalizing MEX V2 economics technical analysis and smart contracts architecture
- Added relayed v1 transactions builder for erdjs
- Final testing and fixes on fallback observers feature on proxy

Released elrond-wasm 0.35.0, which contains several smaller improvements and features, including an interactor snippet generator, an ongoing operations module and a claim developer rewards module

- State package refactor
- Added an integration test for signature handling changes that were made
- Elrond API account delegation details & bugfixes
- Fixes and improvements for nonce transactions handler in elrond-sdk-erdgo with gap nonce detector and gas price management
- DEX service testing setup
- Testing on Elrond Assets & Inspire
- Added option to load private key for p2p signing from config, if no file is specified it will generate a new private key as before; this replaced the Seed option from p2p config, for node but also for seeder
- Research for trie and state improvements
- Integration of new Maiar Exchange contracts in internal DEX testing framework
- Added a metric that specifies the oldest db epoch kept by a node
- Integrated multikey components in consensus
- Merges for p2p changes
- system-test-js: system test framework default scenarios implementation
- system-test-js: hyperblock payload check for tx duplication
- Fixed a concurrency issue on elrond-proxy-go
- Crawler statistics and validation on run mainnet on testnet
- Deployed new version of DEX service with multiple improvements on caching and analytics
- Partial miniblocks testing scenarios
- Improving scripts setup for system test
- Data API improvements
- Wasmer: implementation of reset for all globals (warm instances), work on memories & tables reset
- Moved p2p package to elrond-go-p2p
- Integrated new Maiar Exchange contracts into DEX service
- System test
- Upgrade kubernetes clusters & monitoring stack
- Inspire: Add hero collections query, assets on collections, trending collections endpoint and artist node on NFT service; improve indexing bidding events for marketplaces
- aws kubernetes setup
- Bugfix invalid BLS key
- Staging environment and changes deployment for DEX API & DATA API
- Rust debugger scripts for LLDB pretty printing managed types from elrond-wasm-rs
- Improve NAT instance availability
- Added a Rest API endpoint on the node that returns epoch start data for a given epoch
- Designing solution for data trie access time improvements and migration process
- Minor fixes for erdjs & erdpy
- Started to integrate AWS monitoring
- native-authentification-client in elrond-sdk-erdgo
- Graphql client for price-aggregator Maiar DEX fetcher
- Finished refactoring of the VM executor interface
- WASM-VM: test fixes, profiling & refactor for warm instances
- Worked on the web sockets elastic indexer
- Upgrade the observing-squad
- Moved hw-app-elrond code in elrond-sdk-erdjs-hw-provider
- Finished first version for erd-app cli tool
- Portfolio API in-depth review
- Inspire vNext concepts
- Fixed and closed multiple minor remaining open issues in erdjs
- Discussions and further development on multi-contract configuration
- Added documentation on relayed transactions
- Getting warm instances closer to completion
- Covalent indexer: remove integration from elrond-go, delete websockets connection and started implementing restAPI
- Devnet release D1.3.42.0

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